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wax sheet

sheet wax comes in a variety of grades, from very flexible to quite hard, available in a wide range of thicknesses from 0.3mm up to 5mm.

Some wax sheet is brittle at room temperature and must be softened with heat. You can soften it in warm water or with a heat gun if you work with a thin sheet you can heat it by your hands.

If you are a beginner with wax modeling, then the wax sheet is the best material to start making jewelry with.

You can use it like paper, you can cut it with Exacto knife or scissors you can bend it, twist it, fold it, and even you can cut it with metal or plastic cutters.

Because of its transparency, you can place wax sheet on top of the paper drawing and cut the shape that you designed.

It fun and easy to work with a wax sheet, adding a wire to it and this is the easiest way to make jewelry from wax. have some fun with it, try different techniques, stamping, texturing, mold tracing, whatever comes to your mind.

And don't forget to tell me everything about it.

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